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Advanced Course – The Prechtl General Movement Assessment

Datum:  28. Oktober 2024 - 31. Oktober 2024
Ort:  Berlin, Hotel Grenzfall

A diagnostic method for the functional assessment of the integrity of the nervous system

This three and a half day advanced course is only for those participants who are already involved in the application of the Prechtl method for analyzing general movements (GMs), who have successfully completed the basic course and passed his final test.

The advanced course offers intensive exercises, demonstrations and lectures for the most precise assessment / possibility of predicting later severe neurological damage. The training deals with the details of the GM analysis, as well as its application for individual development trajectories.

Participants in the advanced course are invited to bring their own recordings and case studies for presentation and discussion.

Main topics

  • Detailed analysis of the GMs of preterm infants
  • Detailed analysis of GMs from birth to 20 weeks post-term
  • The principle of optimality and the motor optimality score
  • Detailed analysis of fidgety movements and the concurrent motor repertoire
  • Categorical and detailed analyses of participants‘ GM recordings
  • Update on the literature, especially on detailed analyses of GMs and the clinical impact

The Advanced Course on the Prechtl General Movement Assessment will consist of lectures, demonstrations, and discussions of video-recordings. At the end of the course every participant will carry out a test. Depending on a sufficiently high score for correct judgement the participant will receive a certificate. The courses are included in postgraduate education programs.This course fulfills the standards specified by the General Movement Trust.

Course language: English

Detailliertes Programm (PDF)
Referenten:  Prof. Dr. Arend F. Bos

Teilnahmegebühr:  ab 960,00
Teilnehmer:  begrenzt

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