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Basic Course – The Prechtl General Movement Assessment – Add-on Early Interventions

Datum:  30. Mai 2022 - 2. Juni 2022
Ort:  Berlin, Hotel Grenzfall

A diagnostic tool for the functional assessment of the integrity of the young nervous system

Did you know that you can identify children at high risk for cerebral palsy in the first few months of life? Abnormal General Movements (GMs) are among the most reliable markers for cerebral palsy. GMs are part of the spontaneous motor repertoire and are present from early fetal life until the end of the first half year after term. In addition to its high sensitivity and specificity, the GMs assessment is non-invasive, time- and cost-efficient. It is therefore ideal for assessing the integrity of the young nervous system, most notably in low-resource settings.

GMs assessment has shown its merit for the neurodevelopmental evaluation of preterm, term and young infants. Compelling evidence is now available that the Prechtl General Movements Assessment (GMA) is the best predictor of cerebral palsy. GMA has become a potent supplement to the traditional kind of neurological examination. Intervention should start as soon as possible, when an infant is identified with a high risk for cerebral palsy. Parents want an early diagnosis, treatment and support implementation. Different therapy options will be discussed.

Main Topics GM Assesment

  • The ontogeny of spontaneous motor activity
  •  Normal and abnormal GMs from birth to 20 weeks post-term age
  • Practical instructions for recording and assessment of GMs
  • GMs and follow-up: individual developmental trajectories and their predictive power for later neurological impairments

Course Instructor: Dr. Christa Einspieler, PhD

  • Professor of Physiology
  • Research Unit iDN – interdisciplinary Developmental Neuroscience,
  • Medical University of Graz

Topics Add-on Early Interventions – an overview

  • How to get started – implement GMA into clinical practice, Dr. Britta Hüning
  • How to promote movements – first experiences of a parent-centered approach, Uta Leyener, MA
  • Implementation of GMs assessment in NICU: Parents-oriented early intervention in preterm babies focused on movement optimization, Dr. Marina Soloveichick


PD Dr. Britta Hüning, MD
Paediatrician, Neonatologist
Clinic for Pediatrics I, University Hospital Essen

Uta Leyener, MA
Children´s Physiotherapist,
Clinic for Pediatrics I, University Hospital Essen

Dr. Marina Soloveichick, MD
Paediatrician, Neonatologist,
Developmental Neurology and NICU
Carmel Medical Center, Haifa

Detailliertes Programm (PDF)
Referenten:  Prof. Dr. Christa Einspieler, Dr. Britta Hüning, Uta Leyener, MA, Dr. Marina Soloveichick

Teilnahmegebühr:  ab 940,00 €
Teilnehmer:  maximal 50 Personen

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